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Office of Disease Control: AIDS Program Office

AIDS Program Office

Service Goals 

The AIDS Program Office provides training and technical assistance to organizations serving people living with HIV and people at risk for HIV infection.

Services Provided 

The AIDS Program Office provides:
  • Guidance for HIV testing and linkage to care and treatment
  • Support to help clients take their medications accurately with quality of life take into consideration

The Early Intervention Program monitors all HIV counseling, testing, and linkage services throughout Area 4 (Clay, Nassau, Baker, St. Johns).  The AIDS Program team also provides the community with a variety of HIV prevention materials such as educational information and condoms. 

The HIV/AIDS Surveillance Unit provides CDC approved case reporting of HIV/AIDS cases, investigation of “No Identified Risk” cases for classification, the Medical Monitoring Project, and HIV/AIDS data and reports. 

The HIV/AIDS Patient Care Regional Lead Agency oversees and coordinates Ryan White eligibility, the AIDS Drug Assistance Program Eligibility, fiscal management of the Ryan White/GR Patient Care Network for Area 4, and management of direct co-pays for client medical services.

Payment Options 

All services are free to all registered HIV test sites and, employees of registered test sites.