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Onsite Sewage Disposal

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Septic Tank Program 

Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems (OSTDS) are permitted and inspected by DOH-Duval Environmental Health staff. To ensure systems are installed and repaired in a manner that reduces the chances of pollution of ground and surface water supplies, all persons who want to perform an installation or repair must first get approval and specifications from the health department. Proper installation and repairs protect ground and surface waters, thereby reducing the potential for spread of infectious diseases.

The requirements for construction and operation of an OSTDS or Septic System are provided in Chapter 64E - 6 F.A.C. (820 KB PDF)

All OSTDS construction, modification or repair must be permitted by the Florida Department of Health before any construction or changes begin. Use the following form to apply for a permit: Operating Permit Application (20 KB PDF).  Also, certain Commercial and Performance Based Treatment Systems require special annual operating permits.

When applying for the OSTDS permits, please refer to the information packets for required forms and documentation needed to obtain a permit:

For valuable information related to onsite septic sytems please refer to:

Homebuyers Guide (504 KB PDF)

Caring For Your Septic System Fact Sheet (228 KB PDF)

How do I get a Construction Permit? 

To apply for a permit, download and complete an Application Form (DH4015, page 1) (670 KB PDF) and submit it, along with a Site Plan (DH4015, page 2) (37 KB PDF), a building floor plan, and the required application fee (call 904-253-1280 for information on Duval County fees). 

A Site Evaluation (DH4015, page 3) (120 KB PDF) is needed to determine the conditions on your property and must be performed by a qualified professional.  At your request, our highly trained soil evaluators can perform the site evaluation for you.   The information in your application, site plan, building plan, and site evaluation will allow the Department of Health in Duval County to determine the construction needs for the system to serve your property. 

Find a Contractor

Find a Maintenance Entity (73 KB PDF)